Cindy Sloan Butts

If you can dream it, I can draft it . . .


1   [skrahyb] noun, verb,scribed,scrib·ing.
a person who serves as a professional copyist, esp. one who made copies of manuscripts before the invention of printing.
a public clerk or writer, usually one having official status.
Also called sophersofer. Judaismone of the group of Palestinian scholars and teachers of Jewish law and tradition, active from the 5th century b.c. to the 1st century a.d., who transcribed, edited, and interpreted the Bible.
a writer or author, esp. a journalist.
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Cindy Sloan Butts 

I am a writer in many contexts - fiction, non-fiction, essays, resumes, letters, children's literature and research. 

For the past forty years, I have specialized in the areas of sales and marketing, health care, education and financial services. 

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