Cindy Sloan Butts


Letter Rep

With experience in many facets of business, education and client services, she was an established representative on, during which time she wrote over 2,000 business letters.

As a freelance writer, Cindy is a member of

Associated Content

As a contributor at Associated Content, Cindy wrote numerous articles on various topics.

Cindy has authored her memoir, The Three Legged Milking Stool, and co-authored a biography, Soldier, Policeman, Patriot. Both are available in paperback or Kindle format.
Cindy has a collection of clients throughout the world who call upon her for a variety of writing tasks. Please don't hesitate to request samples or examples of her work.
Cindy has won two national writing contests and has edited many books, created substantial website copy and is currently working as a collaborator on an extremely important book.
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